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Offer a Settlement

We may be able to accept a settlement offer, subject to client approval. If you do settle your account, it may be reported to the credit bureaus by the creditor as 'legally paid in full for less than the full balance'.

Offers must be for a single, lump-sum payment paid within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed by our office. 

Please fill out the information below and then click the submit button. The information will be sent via email to G. Reynolds Sims & Associates, P.C.  After the information is received, your proposal will be reviewed, and you will be contacted via email, phone, or mail by a non-attorney debt collector who will negotiate a payment with you.

Nothing in this site is or shall be considered to be legal advice, communications or recommendations.  Nothing within this site shall be considered as an offer to settle any matter, unless otherwise agreed to by G. Reynolds Sims & Associates, P.C.